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AIC B 006 / 2017
Effective from  13 OCT 2017
Published on 13 OCT 2017
Skráning bilana /
Recording of defects and malfunctions

Content Responsibility: Icelandic Transport Authority

1 Registration of technical breakdowns into Aircraft Journey and Technical Log

The Icelandic Transport Authority encourages the use of Aircraft Journey and Technical Log in private aviation to ensure that defects and malfunctions are recorded and that information about the condition of the aircraft is securely passed between pilots.

On 17 June 2003 an incident occurred at Reykjavik Airport where TF-FKR swerved off the runway during roll-out.
According to the Icelandic Transport Safety Board (ITSB), shortly before the incident, pilots who had flown the aircraft drew the attention of its operator and aircraft maintenance technician to several items that indicated that it was unsafe to operate the aircraft.
The report stated that it had been necessary to apply the rudder/nose gear steering abnormally to the left while taxiing to keep the plane in a straight line. Furthermore, it was stated that the aircraft had swerved to the right during landing. These comments had not been entered in the Aircraft Journey and Technical Log of the aircraft by its pilots.

The Icelandic Transport Authority therefore encourages pilots in private aviation to follow procedures for recording defects and malfunctions into Aircraft Journey and Technical Logs. If the pilot who flew that day could have studied the condition of the aircraft in a readily available way by familiarizing himself with the information in the Aircraft Journey and Technical Log, he might have concluded that the aircraft was not airworthy for that particular flight.


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