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AIC B 004 / 2022
Effective from  14 JUL 2022
Published on 20 MAY 2022

Þjóðhátíð í Vestmannaeyjum  /  Westman Islands festival
Content Responsibility: Isavia ANS 

1 Introduction

Between the 29 th of July to 1 st of August traffic around Vestmannaeyjar airport (BIVM) is expected to increase significantly due to an outdoor festival in the Westman Islands.
This AIC applies for those days.
To ensure flight safety to and from Westman Islands the following restrictions apply.

2 General

ATS service hours will be in accordance with the table below:

 Dagsetning / Date 

 Dagur / Weekday

Frá / From

Til / To

 29. júlí / 29 th July

 Föstudagur / Friday



 30. júlí / 30 th July

 Laugardagur / Saturday



 31. júlí / 31 st July

 Sunnudagur / Sunday



 1. ágúst / 1 st August

 Mánudagur / Monday



Landings are prohibited outside published operational hours. Be advised, in AIP ICELAND BIVM AD section 2.3, item 12, it is stated that ATS services are available on request outside operational hours.
Surcharges apply. These days this does not apply.
ATS services will only be available outside operational hours for hospital and emergency flights, for service call 424 4099.

3 Air traffic services procedures

During ATS service hours, BIVM ATZ is defined as a restricted area.
  1. ATTENTION: All VFR flights intending to land or depart at BIVM must file a flight plan (FPL) via Vestmannaeyjar Information (AFIS) telephone 424 4099.
    This applies whether the point of origin is BIVM or any other airport in Iceland.
  2. ATTENTION: All flights will receive a service slot within BIVM ATZ, VFR flights will be issued a service slot when a FPL is filed with Vestmannaeyjar Information.
  3. During these days Commercial flights will have priority on service slots issued at BIVM airport.
  4. All flights intending to fly within BIVM ATZ restricted area will be issued a service slot within the ATZ with reference to planned traffic. Pilots should file their FPL in a timely manner to increase the likelihood of receiving a service slot within their desired timeframe. Aircraft that have not been issued a service slot within the ATZ will not be allowed to manoeuvre within it. Due to high traffic volumes, VFR private flights cannot be guaranteed a service slot.
  5. All VFR flight plans to and from BIVM shall be submitted to BIVM AFIS, tel: 424 4099. 
    Flight plans will not be accepted via VHF tower frequency.
  6. Training and practice flights are prohibited within the ATZ.

4 Traffic on Vestmannaeyjar apron

During Westman Islands national festival the following rules will
apply to aircraft operating on the apron.
  1. Traffic on the apron is supervised by apron personnel. Pilots shall comply with the instruction of apron personnel when it comes to taxiing, parking and start-up of aircraft.
    Marshalling signals will be used on the apron.
  2. Pilots of private aircraft that intend to park at the airport shall contact apron personnel to co-ordinate a parking stand for the aircraft.
    Furthermore, pilots shall provide apron personnel with their names and a telephone number where they can be reached during their stay in Westman Islands.
  3. It shall be noted that start-up without prior approval from personnel on the apron is prohibited.
  4. Due to high traffic volumes and limited space on the apron pilots are urged to use caution and pay special attention to pedestrian traffic on the apron.

5 Contacts

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