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AIC B 003 / 2019
Effective from  05 DEC 2019
Published on 05 DEC 2019
Upphafskall / Initial Call

Content Responsibility: ISAVIA ANS

1 Initial Call

This AIC is meant to explain the content of initial call. Rules for initial call are to be found in AIP ENR

The purpose is to minimise the frequency congestion and thereby increase safety and provide better service.


The initial call to an ATC unit shall contain the following elements:

  1. designation of the station being called;
  2. call sign and, for aircraft in the heavy wake turbulence category, the word "Heavy";
  3. level, including passing and cleared levels if not maintaining the cleared level;
  4. speed, if assigned by ATC; and
  5. additional elements.


  1. IFR aircraft departing BIRK to BIVM initial call to approach:
    Reykjavik approach, ABC passing 3000 feet climbing Flight Level 90.
  2. IFR aircraft departing BIRK to BIVM initial call to domestic:
    Reykjavik Control, ABC, Flight Level 90.
  3. VFR aircraft in Austursvæði, or outside BIRK CTR, requesting climb:
    Reykjavík approach, ABC at Lyklafell 1500 feet, requesting climb to 3500 feet.

 Initial call to BIRK TWR on 118.0 (BIRK AD state callsign, present position, intentions (and ATIS received if coming in for landing) only.


  1. VFR aircraft in Austursvæði, requesting to enter Reykjavík CTR:
    Reykjavik Tower, ABC in Austursvædi at 1500 feet, with ATIS information Z, request route 4 to Reykjavík.
  2. IFR aircraft in Hvalfjordur, contacting Reykjavik TWR:
    Reykjavik Tower, ABC passing 6000 feet in Hvalfjordur, with ATIS information Z, visual for RWY13.

AIC hereby cancelled:  

AIC B 001 / 2018

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