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AIC B 002 / 2019
Effective from  16 AUG 2019
Published on 16 AUG 2019
Að taka við og skila af sér loftfari /
To receive and deliver an aircraft

Content Responsibility: Icelandic Transport Authority

1 For pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians of private and flight training aircraft

The Icelandic Transport Authority notes that there have been incidents where pre-flight inspection has not been correctly performed and points out that it is the responsibility of the pilot to make sure before each flight that the aircraft is airworthy.


Failures can occur in aircraft in locations where conditions for repairs are not good. In all cases where failure occurs in an aircraft, an aircraft maintenance technician shall be called to inspect the plane to find the fault and analyse its causes.

After the fault diagnosis has been carried out, it can often be repaired on-site and the aircraft maintenance technician then declares the aircraft airworthy, but in some cases spare parts and tools must be obtained in order to finish the work.

In those cases, it sometimes happens that the aircraft maintenance technician closes engine cowls and, perhaps, more access panels, due to weather when he believes further delays in providing components or tools may occur, for example if the aircraft is located at another airport than the one where maintenance facilities are located. In such a case, the aircraft maintenance technician is responsible for making such arrangements regarding the aircraft that there is no doubt that it is non-flyable, let alone non-airworthy.

The pilot who is next in line to fly the aircraft must be especially careful regarding pre-flight inspection and make sure that the aircraft has been declared airworthy.


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B 003 / 2017

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