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AIC B 001 / 2016
Effective from  04 MAR 2016
Published on 04 MAR 2016
Sjúkrakassar í litlum flugvélum í einkaflugi /
First-aid kits in non-commercial operation on non-complex aircraft
Content Responsibility: Icelandic Transport Authority

1 Recommendation

First-aid kits in non-commercial operation on non-complex aircraft (below 5,700 kg MTOW or certified for a maximum passenger seating configuration of less than nineteen) in Iceland should be equipped with appropriate and sufficient medications and instrumentation. The kits should at least be equipped in accordance with the information below.

However, these kits should be amended by the operator according to the characteristics of the operation (scope of operation, flight duration, number of passengers, etc.).

The first-aid kits should be prepared by pharmacy. Aircraft mechanic should confirm that the content of first-aid kits is acceptable at regular intervals.


  1. Bandages (assorted sizes),
  2. burns dressings (large and small),
  3. wound dressings (large and small),
  4. adhesive dressings (assorted sizes),
  5. antiseptic wound cleaner,
  6. safety scissors,
  7. disposable gloves.


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B 001 / 2008


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