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AIC A 006 / 2022
Effective from  07 APR 2022
Published on 07 APR 2022

LHG tilraunaflug dróna / ICG trial on drone flights
Content Responsibility:  Isavia ANS

1 Introduction

1.1. The Icelandic Coast Guard (ICG) will in coordination with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) conduct a trial project to operate an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) performing Icelandic Coast Guard duties inside the Icelandic Exclusive Economic Zone from 30th of May to September 14th, 2022.
The UAS will be operated from coast guard vessels THOR and FREYJA.
1.2. The UAS is a Camcopter S-100 equipped with a variety of high-performance sensors, allowing it to detect ground or maritime targets, over a wide spectral range.

2 Implementation

 For that purpose, Danger Areas have been prepared intended for the use of the UAS at 3000 to 5000 feet AMSL and below.
Activation of these areas allows the UAS to manouver freely within the constraints of the areas.
A NOTAM will be published with the activation of the Areas.

3 RPAS Danger Areas

All areas are drawn with the line following the north coordinate line and not using great circle. 
BID31: 64N024W 64N026W 65N026W 65N02240W 6430N02240W 6430N024W
BID32: 65N026W 6530N026W 6530N022W 65N022W 65N026W
BID33: 6530N026W 67N026W 67N022W 6530N022W
BID34: 67N022W 67N018W 6645N018W 6645N01850W 66N01850W 66N020W 6530N020W 6530N022W
BID35: 67N018W 67N014W 66N013W 66N017W 6645N017W 6645N018W 
BID36: 66N015W 66N014W 6530N014W 6530N015W
BID37: 66N014W 66N013W 65N012W 65N014W
BID38: 64N01630W 65N014W 65N012W 64N14W 63N016W 63N01630W
BID39: 64N01630W 63N01630W 63N019W 6330N019W 6330N018W 64N018W

BID31-BID39 areas are from GND/MSL – 3000 feet.
BID51: 67N027W 6830N020W 67N020W
BID52: 67N020W 6830N020W 6930N014W 6930N010W 67N006W
BID53: 67N014W 67N006W 6530N006W 64N00930W 64N014W 65N012W 66N13W
BID54: 64N014W 64N00930W 61N014W 61N020W 63N020W 63N016W
BID55: 61N020W 61N026W 64N026W 64N024W 6330N024W 6330N022W 63N022W 63N020W
BID56: 61N026W 61N030W 63N032W 66N02930W 67N027W 67N026W

BID51-BID56 areas are from GND/MSL – 5000 feet.

4 Contacts

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