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AIC A 004 / 2022
Effective from  24 MAR 2022
Published on 24 MAR 2022

Flugáætlanir fyrir flug innan FAXI TMA / Flight plans for flights within FAXI TMA
Content Responsibility: ISAVIA ANS 

1 Introduction

Rules on Flight Plans are to be found in ENR 1.10 and ENR 1.11.
Exception now apply for flights to and from BIRK and BIKF not flying outside the boundary of FAXI TMA.
With the condition that the pilot leave a full ICAO FPL in a secure place such as at a flight school.

2 Flight plans for flights within FAXI TMA only

Pilots and student-pilots can submit flight plans to BIRK or BIKF TWR via phone.
Phone number for BIRK is 424 4040 and for BIKF 425 6064.
Information shall be submitted in the following order:
  1. Call-sign
  2. Route of flight
  3. Estimated en-route time
  4. Endurance
  5. Name of pilot and number of passengers
  6. Pilots GSM number

3 Contacts

The following may be contacted for information or to provide feedback:

Netfang / Email:

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