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AIC A 018 / 2019
Effective from  11 OCT 2019
Published on 11 OCT 2019
EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service)

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1 Introduction

Design of RNAV approaches with LPV minimum based on APV-1 procedure design standard has begun in Iceland.
RNAV approach with LPV minimum based on space-based augmentation system (SBAS) has been published for runway 02 at Husavik (BIHU) airport.
Isavia has plans to increase options with this type of air navigation in the coming years.

2 EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service)

The EGNOS approach minimum are based on the SBAS correction signals from the EGNOS system to enhance the accuracy of satellite navigation and integrity monitoring with in-flight satellite navigation. Iceland is located on the western boundaries of the service area of EGNOS.

The Icelandic Transport Authority has authorized, following studies on the quality of the EGNOS correction signal and risk assessment, the design of the APV-1 approach and allows the use of EGNOS for the SBAS approach navigation east of 019° west longitude.

Signal-in-space qualifications were conducted for each aerodrome where the APV-1 approach procedures have been authorized. Husavik is the first airport in the series.

3 Availablity

It should be kept in mind that availability of the EGNOS signal in Iceland is less than in many European countries.
When preparing a flight plan it is important that pilots check whether availability of the signal is predicted to be unsatisfactory at destination, through NOTAM services, on Isavia webpage:

Further information, while not to be used for flight planning purposes, can be accessed through the EGNOS service portal by ESSP:



Flight crews must be prepared in their plans for LPV approach, that EGNOS signals may not be available at destination and therefore other approach minimum may apply (RNAV-LNAV, RNAV-LNAV/VNAV or other navigational methods) or diversion to alternate airport.

4 Contacts

Pilots are encouraged to report any abnormalities (poor signal, change to approach minimums, go around etc.) or make other comments on the use of EGNOS to:


The following may be contacted for information or to provide feedback:

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