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AIC A 008 / 2016
Effective from  01 JUN 2016
Published on 01 JUN 2016

Tilhögun sjónflugs í Austursvæði (æfingasvæði) /
VFR procedures in the East exercise area
Content Responsibility: Icelandic Transport Authority, ANS section

1 VFR procedures in the East exercise area, between the East area and BIRK CTR and at Sandskeid gliding area

  • East exercise area is extended to Sandskeið BISS, Sandskeið gliding area. VFR corridor via Lyklafell hill is cancelled.
  • In the East exercise area, in Sandskeið gliding area as well as in G airspace between the East exercise area and BIRK CTR the frequency is 119.9 Mhz, (note that the lower limit of FAXI TMA is 2000 feet in part of the area between the East area and BIRK CTR).
  • This means that 119.9 Mhz is the frequency west of the mountain range, south of a line between Grimannsfell and Svínanes and from there south to Bláfjöll (Blue mountains).
  • BISS traffic circuit shall be flown at 1300 feet MSL / 700 feet AGL north of runway 15/33.
  • Traffic circuit at (Hólms)Heiði ultra-light field shall be max 1000 feet MSL / 550 feet AGL.
  • BIMS traffic circuit shall be flown at 700 feet MSL/AGL.


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