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AIC A 004 / 2021
Effective from  25 MAR 2021
Published on 25 MAR 2021
Ástandsmat flugbrauta /
Runway Condition Assessment

Content Responsibility: ISAVIA ANS

1 Introduction

1.1    A regulatory change for aerodromes is effective on the 12th of August 2021. It concerns requirements for runway condition assessment and the reporting format of the runway condition. The implementation is based on a
European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulation change as described in Notice of Proposed Amendment 2018-14 (RMT.0704) to regulation 139/2014 and Opinion 3- 2019. These changes were implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2016 and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is now implementing similar arrangement worldwide on the 4th of November 2021.

1.2    Change is made on the methodology adopted by runway inspectors in estimating the surface conditions on contaminated runways, as well as the reporting format is different. Aerodromes may no longer report measured friction values or base the condition assessment on these measurements only. Change is made to the template and content of NOTAM regarding runway conditions (SNOWTAM), named Global Reporting Format (GRF). ICAO Circular 355 contains information on the assessment, measurements and reports on runway condition.

1.3    In the same way the pilot basis for forming a judgement on the performance of the aircraft to take off and landing is now changing parallel to the operators adjusting handbooks and the aeroplane computer. Pilots will be obligated to report if the performance of the aircraft during landing give indication to that the runway conditions are worse than reported.

2 Purpose of the change

2.1   For many years there have been concerns within the aviation industry regarding that there is no exact connection of the output of the equipment measuring the runway conditions and the performance of aircraft during take-off and landing. In addition, there are no standards for production of such equipment.

Substantial researches and testing instigated by the leading aeroplanes manufacturers are the basis of GRF.

The purpose of GRF is to implement an identical procedure for all airports to assess and relay information on runway condition.

GRF gives identical method all around the world meant to:

  • Increase the safety of aircraft departing and landing on wet or contaminated runways.
  • Decrease significantly the risk associated with contamination on runways.

3 What is changing

3.1 An assessment matrix from 0 to 6 in accordance with the RCAM-table in 3.2. This code will be the main source on the runway condition.

The definition of standard concepts for contamination on runways, the coverage and the thickness of the contamination along with the execution of the evaluation and relaying information regarding runway condition.

Airports will not be allowed to relay measured braking action to users.

3.2      Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM)


3.3    The essence of GRF is in the Runway Condition Assessment Matrix above where the connection is shown between the contamination on the runway and the Runway Condition Code on one hand and the assessment from pilots on braking action in a Special Air Report to the airport on the other hand.

In addition to the RCAM, information on the type and depth, see example in 3.8.

3.4    The same procedures will be implemented for all aerodromes with scheduled flights in Iceland.

3.5    METAR will no longer contain information of braking action. Runway Condition Assessment will be added to SNOWTAM messages.

3.6    With the implementation of GRF, the following airports will start sending SNOWTAM messages: BIVM, BIHN, BIVO, BITN, BIHU, BIGJ, BIIS, BIBD and BIGR.

3.7    Example:
Runway is wet without any cemicals, air temprature and runway temprature are well above 0°C. All runway thirds have identical condition.

BIKF 02181345 01 5/5/3 100/100/75 NR/NR/05 WET/WET/SNOW


Auðkenni flugvallar

Aerodrome identifier


Dagur og tími, MMDDHHMM

Date and time, MMDDHHMM



Runway designator


Ástandskóði hvers þriðjungs

Runway condition code (thirds)


Útbreiðsla þekju í prósentum

Contaminant coverage, percent


Dýpt þekju í millimetrum (NR=ekki gefið upp)

Contaminant depth in millimeters (NR=not reported)


Heiti þekju

Contaminant descriptor


3.9    Information on Runway Condition Assessment will be available in English only.

4 Implementation

4.1 The implementation on Icelandic airports is planned for October 1st 2021.

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