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Effective date : 23 APR. 2021

Publication date : 23 APR. 2021


AMDT 002/21 (See complete AMDT in PDF)

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New Supplements

SUP 001/2021, SUP 002/2021, SUP 003/2021, SUP 004/2021, SUP 005/2021


Supplements hereby cancelled

SUP 008/2020, SUP 009/2020





A 009/2021, A 010/2021, A 011/2021, A 012/2021, A 013/2021


AICs hereby cancelled

A 008/2021,  A 019/2020, A 012 / 2020, AIC A010/2020, A 021/2019, AIC 003/2019, A 012/2016, A 009/2015 



NOTAM incorporated in this amendment:

A0681/20, A0152/21, B0034/21, B0022/21, B0025/21, B0026/21, B0028/21, B0032/21, B0037/21, C0009/21