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Information on this eAIP Package

Effective date : 25 MAR. 2021

Publication date : 25 MAR. 2021


AMDT 001/21 (See complete AMDT in PDF)

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Changes in this Issue

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Principal changes included in this AMDT:
AIP Iceland have been moved to a to a new publication system.
In AMDT 001/2021 the hole AIP is published. There should be no principal changes, but due to the system change there are few editorial changes.
Users are urged to report any errors or omissions to: aip_breytingar@isavia.is

AD 2    Aerodromes and Charts

The chapters have been divided into the following parts:

      Part 1 --> Text
      Part 2 --> Aerodrome Chart
      Part 3 --> Obstacles Aerodrome Chart 
      Part 4 --> List of Waypoints and significant points
      Part 5 --> STAR
      Part 6 --> Approach
      Part 7 -> SID
      Part 8 -> Other Charts

All charts have been updated with new page number and date.


Subject Changes AIP pages/chapter
General changes:   
Links Links have been checked and updated where necessaryNA
ReferencesReferences are not connectedNA
List of Radio Navigation AidsEditorial difference GEN 2.5
Sunrise / sunset tablesSR and SS time have been addedGEN 2.7

Index to Aerodromes and Heliports
Graphic portrayal of aerodromes and landing strips, have been addedAD 1.3
AD AdministrationChanged to Isavia Innanlandsflugvellir ehf. (Isavia Domestic) AD 2.2.6
SUP - Engin / NIL
AIC - Engin / NIL






Nýjar viðbætur / New Supplements Viðbætur felldar úr gildi / Supplements hereby cancelled
Ný upplýsingabréf / New AIC Upplýsingabréf felld úr gildi / AICs hereby cancelled

AIC A 011/2021 - 13 APR 2021

Efni eftirfarandi NOTAM skeyta birt í útgáfunni: NOTAM incorporated in this amendment:
Engin /NIL
Hægt er að nálgast Flugmálahandbókina (AIP)
öll AIC-upplýsingabréf og AIP-supplement sem eru í gildi á
heimasíðu Isavia ohf.,
The AIP publications, all effective AICs and AIP supplements
can be accessed through the ISAVIA