The Electronic AIP (eAIP) Specification developed by EUROCONTROL provides a standard way to:

Through the use of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML), the eAIP data content is completely separated from its presentation, which, in turn, may be tailored to support every target media. The on-screen (HyperText Markup Language (HTML)) presentation part of the eAIP Specification was validated with a group of real users. In addition to the standard HTML browsing features (hot links, tool tips, etc.), it provides the capability to visualise changes, both in the text and the graphics.

An important advantage of an AIP in electronic format is that an eAIP can be made available to an increased number of users. In contrast to a paper document, whereby the consultation is restricted by the number of copies available and by their location, an eAIP can be made available to a much wider audience and even the whole company through the use of an intranet.

This manual complements the eAIP Specification by providing detailed instructions for eAIP users . It covers topics such as browsing and printing the eAIP. The eAIP User's Manual also contains instructions for the use of the eAIP Specimen provided by EUROCONTROL.