The eAIP, as distributed by an AIS Office, should include a printable version. If the AIS Office is also distributing a paper version of the AIP, the printable version of the eAIP shall be of the same presentational format and content as the paper version distributed.

This chapter is intended to provide assistance on printing an eAIP in order to obtain a paper AIP which is the same format as the paper version distributed by the AIS office.

The printable format typically used by AIS Offices is PDF. An eAIP in PDF format shall comprise a number of files:

  • Full AIP: 77 PDF files (one file per section, e.g. GEN 1.2 level), plus one file per aerodrome and heliport;

    A typical name for such a file is "EC-ENR-3.1-en-GB.pdf", where:

    • the prefix "EC" indicates the issuing State (by its ICAO Country Code);

    • "ENR-3.1" indicates the AIP section;

    • the suffix "en-GB" indicates the language. The language tag is composed of an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) language code (ISO 639) and a mandatory ISO country code (ISO 3166), separated by a dash ('-').

  • "Paper Amendment": one PDF file containing each amended page, for a given amendment;

  • AIP SUP and AIC files: one PDF file for each Supplement and AIC.

All charts and other graphics shall be included in one of these PDF files. It is possible that some AIS offices will split some large files (typically, aerodromes) into a smaller number of files.

If needed, it is possible to merge all section and aerodrome files into a single PDF file.

A few points that may be useful when printing AIP PDF files are included below:

If the eAIP provided by an AIS Office includes XML files, it is possible to produce new printable files, maybe in another format such as PostScript. Note, however, that it will be very difficult to obtain the same printed result as the printable files provided by the AIP office. This is because each AIP publisher may customise the formatting of their paper AIP.

With good knowledge of XML, Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) and Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSL-FO), EUROCONTROL's style sheets may be adapted or new ones created to print a different document, using eAIP data. Of course, the resulting document is no longer the original AIP and the user is entirely responsible for its use. Please note that such actions may be explicitly restricted by the copyright policy of the AIS Office producing the eAIP or by the safety regulations in the user's State.

The eAIP in HTML format is not intended to be printed. It can be printed but the result will be very different to a paper AIP, or an eAIP in PDF format. For instance, printed HTML will not show the effective date on the pages: only the effective date of the latest amendment (in the HTML page title, if it is printed).