Within this document, the term "eAIP" is used in order to refer to an Electronic AIP produced in accordance with the EUROCONTROL eAIP Specification.

This Manual is intended to cover general usage instructions applicable to any eAIP. In addition, it provides usage instructions which are specific to the eAIP Specimen provided by EUROCONTROL.

The on-screen (HTML) presentation part of the eAIP Specification was validated with a group of real users.

Some of the most important advantages for users of an eAIP are listed below:

  • ease of browsing, facilitated by the HTML technology (hot links, tool tips, etc.);

  • the ability to clearly visualise changes (both in the text and the graphics);

  • no maintenance effort (no time spent on page replacement for every amendment);

  • can be made available for the whole company (no need to go to the library);

  • no postal delays (if distributed through the Internet).

Through the use of the XML, the eAIP data content is completely separated from its presentation, which, in turn, may be tailored to support every target media. While the capability to fine-tune the eAIP presentation to support every media (paper, CD-ROM, Web, etc.) is an advantage for the users, it poses a challenge for the producers. The producers must ensure consistency between the different formats.

As a minimum, users should expect to obtain the eAIP in three formats: XML, HTML (for browsing) and Portable Document Format (PDF) (for printing). The most common reference format is XML. However, the reference format may vary depending on the legislation in force in the issuing State and/or the user's State. Before using the eAIP for operational purposes, the user shall clarify with the issuing organisation which of the formats should be considered as prevailing in case of discrepancies between the different formats.

This section contains info about minimum system technology requirements include the versions tools used for displaying HTML and PDF file formats.

In addition to the minimum system requirements we will provide information about versions of the languages ​​used.

The eAIP may be made available on-line, through the use of the Internet, a company intranet or another file-sharing enabled network. It may also be made available off-line, through distribution on physical media such as a CD-ROM.

One of the main differences between an eAIP and a paper AIP, is that the eAIP is made available as a complete document. For every Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) cycle, a complete eAIP shall be issued. No effort has to be spent by the user on the fastidious page replacement exercise imposed by the paper AIP amendment procedure.