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AIP SUP nr 012 / 2021
Effective from  08 OCT 2021
Published on 08 OCT 2021

KEFLAVÍK – Bráðabirgðabygging á stæði 6 / KEFLAVIK – Temporary building on stand 6
Content Responsibility: Isavia, Keflavik Airport

1 Introduction

1.1 Estimated validity

Estimated  construction time is from September 20, 2021 to March 15, 2022, but the building will stand on stand 6 until
"SLN18 - Expansion of the terminal corridor to the north" will be taken into operation, which is estimated to be 2026.
If construction affects the surrounding area of stand 6, it will be notified by NOTAM if necessary.

1.2 Project

SSA20 – Temporary building on stand 6
Keflavik International Airport, Keflavik, Iceland,
The building will be built on foundation that will be cast in place on top of the existing apron, under the apron there will be plastic film to protect the concrete on the apron.
Due to construction work, stand 6 needs to be closed, the boarding bridge, rotunda and a part of the foundation removed. Due to construction, 2 service wells on stand 6 will have to be closed, and the consequences will be that wells on stand 2 and 4 will have to be closed. Stand 2 is already closed due to other projects.
Crane work will be carried out due to both the demolition of the airbridge and the construction of a building.
Due to construction work on stand 6 Heavy vehicles will be crossing the apron area from the Koparhlid. The traffic will be controlled.
  1. September 20 th 2021 - October 14 st 2021:
    1. Preparation of stand 6;
    2. Removal of the airbridge, part of the rotunda and foundation;
    3. Wells closed.
  2. October 1 st, 2021 - March 15 th, 2022:
    1. Delivery of the area to the contractor;
    2. Construction time of the building.
  3. March 15 th, 2022 - April 1 st, 2022:
    1. Finishing of the interior;
    2. Delivery for operation.

2 Appendix

2.1 Figures


3 Contacts

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