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AIP SUP nr 004 / 2020
Effective from  27 MAR 2020
Published on 27 MAR 2020
Keflavíkurflugvöllur - Framkvæmdir við flugskýli 831 /
Keflavik International Airport - Work in and around hangar 831

Content Responsibility: Isavia, Keflavik Airport

1 Introduction

1.1 Estimated validity

Estimated construction period is from January 2020 through April 2021.

1.2 Project

Work in and around hangar 831

This includes two projects in and around hangar 831:

  • Aircraft Hangar Upgrade, involving increasing the hight of the hangar door of 3 m and renovation of installations.
  • Installing Aircraft Rinse Rack including all necessary facilities, pipeline, tanks etc.

It is estimated that the work on the Rinse Rack will be finished at the end of year 2020 but the work inside the hangar in April 2021.

The work area will be fenced during the construction period. It will include the apron west of the hangar and small sections on the north and south sides.

The job inside the hangar will require traffic of employees and transport of material between the Silver gate to hangar 831.

The work outside requires construction machines.
During work on the hangar door and mounting of the Rinse Rack mobile crane will be used.

2 Estimated Phases

The project is divided into 5 main work phases.

Note: Phases schedules can change.

The work will affect airport operations as follows:

  • The area around Hangar 831, see figure in Appendix, will be closed from January 2020 through April 2021 while working on the all phases.
  • Taxi lane west of hanger 831 will be closed of for aircrafts.
  •  Aircraft stand no. 128 through 140 will be closed.
  • Information regarding erection of crane that can affect aircraft will be published with NOTAM.

The construction area wasdisplayed on “Keflavik East Apron - Aircraft Parking/Docking Chart” in AIRAC AMDT 002 / 2020, 26th of March 2020.

2.1 Phase 1: January to April 2020 (EST)

Fencing the work area and installing camp.

2.2 Phase 2: Mars to November 2020 (EST)

Work on hangar door.

2.3 Phase 3: Mars 2020 to April 2021 (EST)

Work inside hangar.

2.4 Phase 4: April to October 2020 (EST)

Groundwork for the Rinse Rack.

2.5 Phase 5: July to October 2020 (EST)

Installing the Rinse Rack.

3 Appendix

3.1 Figure

Phase 1-5: January 2020 through April 2021 (EST).

The figurer shows project area at hanger 831.

  • Green line is the limitation of the total work area;
  • Read line is the work area for the Aircraft Rinse Rack.


3.2 Contacts

The following may be contacted for information or to provide feedback:

Netfang / Email:


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