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AIP SUP nr 003 / 2021
Effective from  23 APR 2021
Published on 23 APR 2021
Keflavík - Framkvæmdir við Austurvæng (SLN18EW) Keflavik /
Construction work at East wing (SLN18EW)

Content Responsibility: Isavia, Keflavik Airport

1 Introduction

It´s planned to build  an extension to the north terminal, so called East Wing.  A 6000 m2 basement and a ground floor building.

1.1 Estimated validity

Construction period started in February 2021.

This project is scheduled to be completed early in 2023.

Any impact from construction site will be announced by NOTAM if necessary.

2 Project

Consturction work at East Wing, Keflavik International Airport.

Fence moved south onto aircraft stand 2, the stand will be closed during the construction period.

Estimated time for soil work is from April 2021 through September, mainly excavation and rock blasting. 

Estimated time for construction (cell and core) is from sept 2021until end of construction period, include crane work.

2.1 Phases

The project is divided into three main elements:

•    Soil work
•    Cell and core
•    Interior finishing (N/A)

3 Impact from construction site on flight safety

Site work affect aircraft stand 2 and will be fenced off. As mentioned, aircraft stand 2 will be closed during the whole construction period. Furthermore, service road between East apron and FLE apron will be closed adjacent to aircraft stands 76, see attached image. Traffic from mentioned service road can enter the apron adjacent to aircraft stand 74.

Baggage handling carts will enter the infeed building from the south.
It will be ensured that no FOD from construction site will affect the apron area.

4 Figures





5 Contacts

The following may be contacted for information or to provide feedback:

Netfang / Email: 


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NOTAM incorporated in this Supplement: