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AIP SUP nr 002 / 2021
Effective from  23 APR 2021
Published on 23 APR 2021
KEFLAVÍK - Framkvæmdir við stækkun flughlaða og nýbyggingu á svæði LHG  /
KEFLAVIK - Construction work for apron extension, cargo pad and bed-down site

Content Responsibility: Isavia, Keflavik Airport

1 Introduction

Projects: These projects will construct an aircraft apron expansion east of the existing hot cargo pad, a dangerous cargo pad with an access taxiway and a bed down site with a utility enclosure. Significant transportation of excavation and materials are related to the project causing it to span about 2 years in construction.

1.1 Estimated validity

Estimated construction period is from 08th Mars 2021 through end of year 2022.
Any impact from construction site will be announced by NOTAM if necessary.

2 Project

2.1 Expansion of existing cargo apron: Mars 2021 - Jan. 2022

2.2 Bed dow site: Jun 2021 - Oct. 2022

2.3 Dangerous cargo pad and TWY: Jun2021 - Aug. 2022

Barriers will be set up to protect users and projects sites as needed. These areas to be closed off being the Delta1 north entrance, east end of hot cargo (construction area 1) and TWY to new cargo pad (construction area 3).

The project is divided into three main sections that are further broken down to the following elements, see figure 1.

  • Soil work
  • Utilities
  • Paving and finishing

This project is scheduled to be completed October 2022.

3 Impact from construction site on flight safety

Contractor has office camp located north of Sierra3 and does cross the taxiway on daily basis, also Delta1 needs to be closed off from traffic during the construction on project section 1,  this may be noticed by flight operators but should have minor or no impact on flight safety.
On specific activities it will be needed to operate cranes, in such occasions contractors SSHO shall inform ISAVIA in time to sure to have permission from ISAVIA is obtained prior to erection of any crane work.

4 Figure


5 Contacts

The following may be contacted for information or to provide feedback:

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NOTAM incorporated in this Supplement:

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