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AIC A 014 / 2020
Effective from  09 OCT 2020
Published on 09 OCT 2020
Rafræn landslags- og hindranakort /
AD Terrain and OBST Charts - ICAO (Electronic)
Content Responsibility: ISAVIA ANS

1 Introduction

Aerodrome Terrain and Obstacle Charts - ICAO (Electronic) for Akureyri (BIAR), Egilsstadir (BIEG) and Reykjavik Airports has been issued.

The charts can be accessed at:

The charts describe terrain and obstacle data in combination with aeronautical data for Area 2.

2 Aerodrome obstacles

Aerodrome obstacles for Area 2 will not be published in AIP, section AD 2.10 for BIAR, BIEG and BIRK.
Excel file with this information can be found on the Electronic Landscape and Obstacle Charts (see links above).
To download the excel file, click on the cloud in the upper right corner and select Obstacle_list, see picture below.


The feature attributes in the Obstacle_list are:

  • ID/Designation;
  • Type;
  • Position;
  • Markings (type, colour);
  • Remarks.

3 Keflavik Aerodrome

Aerodrome Terrain and Obstacle Chart - ICAO (Electronic) for Keflavik Airport (BIKF) to be developed.


AIC hereby cancelled:  

A 001/2020



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