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AIC A 009 / 2021
Effective from  23 APR 2021
Published on 23 APR 2021
Ný kerfi Upplýsingaþjónustu flugmála  / New AIM systems

Content Responsibility: Isavia ANS

1 New AIM systems

AIM Iceland have updated their systems. Including database, flight procedure, charting, publication and NOTAM systems and more.

1.1 New publication system

AIP Iceland has been moved to a to a new publication system. In AMDT 001/2021 the whole AIP was published without any principal changes, but due to the system change there were few editorial changes.

Users are urged to report any errors or omissions to:

1.1.1 AD 2 Aerodromes and Charts

Chapters of the eAIP (AD 2) have have been divided into the following parts:
      Part 1 --> Text
      Part 2 --> Aerodrome Chart
      Part 3 --> Obstacles Aerodrome Chart 
      Part 4 --> List of Waypoints and significant points
      Part 5 --> STAR
      Part 6 --> Approach
      Part 7 -> SID
      Part 8 -> Other Charts
All charts were updated with new page number and date.

1.1.2 Landing strips

Landing strips are now in AD 2 after International ADs and other ADs.

1.1.3 New URL

The AIP has been moved to

2 Contacts

The following may be contacted for information or to provide feedback:

     Isavia ANS
     Aeronautical Information Service (AIM)
     Reykjavik Airport
     102 Reykjavik, Iceland


Netfang / Email:

Sími / Phone:  +354 424 4000

AIC hereby cancelled:  

AIC A 019/2020, AIC A 012 / 2020, AIC A 021/2019


NOTAM incorporated in this AIC: