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AIC A 002 / 2022
Effective from  28 JAN 2022
Published on 28 JAN 2022

Útvíkkun ADS-B geimkögunar / Space-Based ADS-B expansion
Content Responsibility: Isavia, ANS 

1 Introduction

Space-Based ADS-B surveillance services will be expanded north of 70 North in the Reykjavik Control Area (BIRD CTA).
The purpose of this AIC is to explain the implementation of this project.

2 ADS-B Coverage in Reykjavik CTA

Space-Based ADS-B will provide the first surveillance layer. The coverage will be within the whole of the BGGL FIR at F180 and above and within the BIRD FIR from MSL and above. See map below.

3 Procedures

Pilot procedures regarding ADS-B equipment remain unchanged after the implementation of Space-Based ADS-B.
ATS Procedures remain unchanged after the implementation of Space-Based ADS-B.

4 Implementation

Expansion of ATS surveillance coverage with Space-Based ADS-B is estimated to be implemented in the Reykjavik Control Area in the spring of 2022. 
An exact implementation date will be published via a NOTAM.

5 Contacts

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