GEN 1.3.1 Customs Requirements

The main custom aerodrome is Keflavik Airport. Custom authorities are on call at all other international aerodromes.
Before the customs officers have arrived, no unloading of cargo must take place nor must passengers or crew leave the aircraft. When departing for destination abroad, cargo must not be loaded nor must passengers embark before customs and passport clearance has been obtained.
All passengers and crew members - transit passengers excluded - must submit to the customary customs examination. Baggage and other objects brought by passengers and crew shall be presented if examination is required. On location where the Customs Authority has arranged a red-green channel system for arriving travellers, those carrying goods exceeding customs exempted importation shall report to customs control at the customs desk in the channel system marked with a sign with red point and the words "Goods to declare" and there verbally declare the goods brought in. Other travellers are referred to the channel marked with a green sign and the words "Nothing to declare". Travellers choosing the green channel are considered to have declare for the Customs Authority that they have not brought goods exceeding what may be customs exempted importation when he has passed the line marked "Customs". Customs examination may take place upon departure.

GEN 1.3.2 Immigration requirements

GEN Passengers

All passengers are subject to passport control upon disembarkation. As a main rule entry or exit control is not in place between internal Schengen borders. Entry and exit control may however be carried out for a limited period where public order or national security so require.

GEN Crew

The provision also apply to crew members of operators flying in or out of Iceland.

GEN Passport

An alien entering Iceland shall hold a passport. Identity cards from certain states are recognized on entry into Iceland.
Citizens of a country that is member of the Schengen area are not required to hold passport when arriving to Iceland directly from one of the countries within the Schengen area. A passport is required when citizens from a non-Schengen state enter directly from any other country. Passport is to controlled upon departure to a non-Schengen state.
Further information regarding passport and visa requirements may be obtained from the:
  Icelandic Directorate of Immigration
Dalvegi 18
IS-201 Kopavogur, Iceland
Telephone: +354 444 0900
Telefax: +354 510 5405
Office hrs.: Mon.- Thu.: 09:00 - 14:00
Fri.:             09:00-12:00
Standby duty: +354 892 1090

GEN Entry visa

An alien entering Iceland shall hold an entry visa. The provision of holding an entry visa shall not apply to:
  1. the holder of a residence permit in any of the Schengen states. Same applies to a holder of a temporary residence permit in any of the Schengen states provided that the holder also has passport or identity cards issued by the same state.
  2. citizens of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway and other states as determined by the Minister of the Interior.
Information regarding visa requirements may be obtained from the Directorate of Immigration.

GEN 1.3.3 Public health requirements

Certificates of vaccination are generally not required.
Normally no sanitary examination takes place on departure from Iceland