ENR 5.6.1 General

Aircraft in flight can affect the behaviour of birds and animals as well as peoples' experience of the country's nature.
During nesting season, special care needs to be taken so that known nesting areas are not disturbed, for example near bird cliffs. This is important, both to ensure safety of the flight and to prevent harm or disturbance on wildlife.
Pilots are kindly requested not to fly below 1000 feet over busy tourist destinations.
The Environment Agency of Iceland may publish specific rules and guidance concerning flight over protected areas and busy tourist destinations.

ENR 5.6.2 BIP1 Þjórsárver Prohibited Area

Þjórsárver Prohibited Area is active 10th May to 10th August, flight of aircraft is prohibited below 5000 feet MSL. Refer to ENR 5.1.

ENR 5.6.3 Rules regarding protected areas and areas with sensitive fauna

  1. Unnecessary flight of aircraft is prohibited near bird cliffs in accordance with law No. 64/1994 on protection, preservation and hunting of wild birds and mammals, sentence 4 of paragraph 17.
  2. Care should be taken near areas where birds lay their eggs in accordance with the Nature preservation law no. 60/2013, paragraph 17, sentence 4.
  3. In addition to laws and regulations, each protected area has its own rules and recommended practices in regards to protection terms. Information on those rules can be found on The Environment Agency's website:

ENR 5.6.4 Protected areas with sensitive fauna

Protected birds' habitats are marked on this map on The Environment Agency's website and are as follows:
Andakíll Dyrhólaey Eldey Flatey
Friðland Svarfdæla Grunnafjörður Guðlaugstungur Hornstrandir
Hrísey í Reykhólahreppi Ingólfshöfði Kringilsárrani Látrabjarg
Melrakkaey Mývatn Oddaflóð Pollengi og Tunguey
Salthöfði og Salthöfðamýrar Skrúður Snæfellsjökulsþjóðgarður Ströndin við Stapa og Hellna
Surtsey Vestmannavatn Þjórsárver, 
lögmæltar takmarkanir

ENR 5.6.5 Reporting of bird strikes and bird strike risks

A wildlife strike including bird strikes which resulted in damage to the aircraft or loss or malfunction of any essential service shall be reported according to the Icelandic regulation on the reporting, analysis and follow- up of occurrences in civil aviation.
Forms for such reports can be found on the ICETRA website:
http://www.samgongustofa.is/eydublod/#q=bird+strike. The report shall be sent to ICETRA or via email: mandatory.reporting@icetra.is.

ENR 5.6.6 National parks and protected areas

Three national parks are in Iceland; Snæfellsjökull National Park, Þingvellir National Park, Vatnajökull National Park and over 100 other protected areas.
Information about the parks' boundaries and other protected areas can be found on The Environment Agency's website.
Pilots are kindly requested not to fly below 1000 feet over busy tourist destinations.