ENR 1.5.1 General

ENR Background

The holding, approach and departure procedures in use within the Reykjavik FIR are based on the values and factors contained in the valid edition of the ICAO Doc 8168-Procedures for air navigation services-Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS).

ENR Basis

The holding and approach procedures in use have been based on the values and factors contained in Parts III and IV of Vol. 1 of the PANS-OPS manual.

ENR Cloud break procedure

Procedures for aircraft to descend below cloud (cloud break procedure/cloud penetration) and to complete their flight in accordance with VFR have been designed for various airports around Iceland. Those procedures are in accordance with PANS OPS for approach to an aerodrome the obstacle clearance altitude is never lower than 500 feet m.s.l. and the obstacle clearance height is never lower than 300 ft. which ever is higher. These procedures are identified by the navigational aid type used for the final approach lateral guidance, followed by a single letter suffix C or D (RNAV C, NDB D).

ENR 1.5.2 Arriving flights

ENR Clearances

IFR flights entering and landing within a terminal control area will be cleared to a specified holding point and instructed to contact approach control at a specified time, level or position. The terms of this clearance shall be adhered to until further instructions are received from the appropriate approach control. If the clearance limit is reached before further instructions have been received, holding procedure shall be carried out at the level last authorized.
IFR flights entering and landing outside a terminal control area will be cleared to descend out of controlled airspace via STAR or Approach Procedure as applicable. If a clearance for descend out of controlled airspace does not specify which procedure is to be flown, the pilot shall report to ATC which procedure he intends to follow.

ENR Passing information to ATC

Due to the limited space available, it is important that the approaches to the patterns and the holding procedures be carried out as precisely as possible. Pilots are strongly requested to inform ATC if for any reason the approach and/or holding cannot be performed as required.

ENR 1.5.3 Departing flights

ENR Clearances

IFR flights departing from controlled aerodromes will receive initial ATC clearance from the local aerodrome control tower. The clearance limit will normally be the aerodrome of destination. IFR flights departing from noncontrolled aerodromes will receive initial ATC clearance from AFIS at the airport. IFR flights departing from airports without any ATS must make arrangements with the Area Control Centre at Reykjavík before take-off.

ENR Establishment on cleared route

Detailed instructions with regard to routes, turns, etc. will be issued. If no instructions have been issued aircraft shall be established on their cleared route within 15 NM of their point of departure.

ENR 1.5.4 Other relevant information and procedures