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Effective date : 22 MAR 2024

Publication date : 22 MAR 2024


AMDT 02/2024 (See complete AMDT in PDF)

Please report any errors and omissions to ais@isavia.is

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New Supplements

Engin / NIL


New Supplements - outside publication

SUP 05/2024
Procedures due to possible eruption near Grindavik
Published 05 FEB 2024 

SUP 06/2024
Procedures due to Volcanic activity at Reykjanes peninsula
Published 29 FEB 2024 


Supplements hereby cancelled

SUP 05/2024
Procedures due to possible eruption near Grindavik
Cancelled 14 FEB 2024





Engin / NIL


New AICs - outside publication

A 04/2024 Taxiway incursions at Keflavik airport
Published 08 FEB 2024


AICs hereby cancelled

Engin / NIL



NOTAM incorporated in this amendment: 

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